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Private Pay

We are not in-network with any insurance plan and will not be able to bill your insurance company for sessions. 

Bypassing insurance allows for more control and privacy over your care.  Insurance companies may require information or notes about your symptoms, which limits your confidentiality. Without having to provide your insurance company a mental health diagnosis, there will be no diagnosis on your permanent medical record, and no one will be privy to your therapy unless you tell them.



$150 per session


$120 per session

Sliding scale available


$150 per session

Sliding scale available


If you have insurance, you may be entitled to full or partial reimbursement through “out-of-network” benefits from your health insurance carrier. If you choose to submit claims to your insurance provider, you will be responsible for the session fee at the time of service. Upon your request, you will be provided the documentation needed to submit your claim to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Your diagnosis will need to be disclosed to the insurance company. Please review your coverage carefully and consult with your insurance provider about the details of your benefits.

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